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Tangent's multi-disciplinary team can accelerate your R&D process.

Expertise and Disciplines
Tangent is comprised of specialist teams capable of working in and across multiple disciplines.

Mechanical Engineering

Tangent and its mechanical engineering team provide the speed, innovation and intellectual capital your business needs to overcome any obstacle.

Electrical Engineering

Tangent's team of experienced electrical engineers works with clients in all phases of electrical design. Our EE team has designed and developed products that go on oil rigs, deep underground and in operating theatres.


Making use of advanced simulation and modelling packages, our simulations team is able to predict, visualize, and evaluate the performance of proposed designs materials and components before building prototypes or test models.

Industrial Design

We design products that connect with people – making their lives better, more comfortable, easier, more efficient, more intuitive and enjoyable. Our industrial design team works collaboratively with both clients and the electrical and mechanical teams to ensure the best possible experience for the user.

Software and Firmware

Our engineers have backgrounds writing software for medical, commercial and industrial applications and are accustomed to building custom applications on a variety of platforms while adhering to rigorous standards.


We make use of a wide variety of prototyping methods to produce the first physical version of your product. 3D printing allows us to test forms, ideas and plastic parts with a high degree of accuracy, while subtractive (CNC) methods allow us to evaluate production grade materials for fit and performance.

Project Management

No matter what the project, Tangent works with your company during each phase to create a detailed project plan that serves both the product development and the business case.

Compliance and Regulatory

Whether you are designing a Class II medical device and need support navigating the IEC 60601 landscape, or you are developing a new sensor technology requiring hazardous location certification (explosion proof / intrinsically safe), Tangent has the knowledge and experience to help meet the regulatory standards and pass the required testing for certification.

Research Support

We can quickly get up to speed on your project and area of inquiry and propose solutions to propel your project ahead. Whether you need us to do digital or numerical simulations and analysis, produce a functional prototype or create a physical device and test your assumptions, Tangent has the technology, expertise and resources in house to help.

Product and IP Management

By analyzing market trends, competitor research, customer behaviour and preferences, we can provide valuable information that enables you to improve product performance and launch your product faster, more efficiently and more successfully. Tangent can also help you file a patent or conduct a patent search.

Manufacturing Services

Tangent is dedicated to providing design and engineering support from concept through to manufacture. Whether we are acting on your behalf to communicate the details of the design to your manufacturing partners, or managing the manufacture and assembly of your product in house we have the experience and diligence to ensure the manufactured result is as you intend.

Recent Articles & Updates
blog image
18 April 2021

Engineering a Better World

Tangent was recently featured in an article by Calgary Economic Development. The article talks about history, some of our recent work and what it's like to work with us. Give it a read over at Live Tech Love Life.

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1 May 2020

Tangent is Helping Combat COVID-19

Tangent is proud to be a part of the Canadian med tech community pulling together to help tackle COVID-19. Ocalink Technologies Inc has challenged a cohort of companies to design and manufacture a made in Canada high-volume ventilator with the goal of building 1 million units in 90 days. Front-line healthcare workers are digging in and so are we.

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Western Innovation Header
5 March 2020

Tangent Attending Western Innovation Forum

The Western Innovation Forum (WIF) promotes western Canadian capabilities in the aerospace, marine, and defence industries. The event focuses on connecting innovators, companies and researchers with opportunities for innovation-driven investment and business growth.

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At Tangent, we are motivated by your difficult technical challenges. Our team of more than 35 engineers, designers and project managers work together daily in a highly collaborative environment to help our clients develop new technologies create innovative products. Since 2005, we have delivered a wide range of devices based on our experience designing and implementing in consumer electronics, medical devices, industrial equipment, and aerospace. We guide our clients from idea to successful finished product by tailoring each project schedule, budget, and deliverable to meet our client’s specific needs. We would love to hear about your project. Contact us today.